Chapter 1522

Her phone screen displayed a message from the team’s president, Michael Gabriel. “Boss, there’s an emergency. Our team’s ADC just got his buttocks burned by hot water. It’s a severe burn. So for the time being, he can’t take part in the match… “You’ll have to take part during the finals personally…” Michael explained. Xyla Quest felt extremely terrible when she read the message. She was going to be very busy during this period. Previously, she didn’t have the energy to take care of work due to her pregnancy retching. On top of that, she’d been taking care of Stanley Batton all this while. Honestly, too much work had accumulated for her. If Xyla participated in Season 10’s finals, she’d have even more work piled up. This final match was different from the normal one she played in previously. In a regular match, there was still a chance of restarting after losing. A regular match’s outcome wouldn’t shake the core of a team. However, this world championship’s final match was di

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