Chapter 1521

“I wonder if Josh is inside… This looks so grand…” “I think Josh won’t be inside. He would never do something in such a grand fashion…” “I think so too. It’s not him… Could it be the director of the television company?” As everyone watched, the black Rolls-Royce’s door opened. A dozen people dressed in black suits got out of the car. Moreover, they opened the door that was facing the television company… Soon, Josh Batton appeared in front of everyone’s line of sight… When his fans saw him, they immediately started screaming and shouting… “Ahh… Josh… I love you…” “Honey… I love you… So handsome…” “Sisters, Josh is really handsome in person. Ahh… I can’t breathe. Josh… Josh… I want to marry you… Ahh…” Amidst the screaming and as everyone watched, Josh elegantly stepped out of the car. He didn’t immediately walk into the television company. Instead, he slowly raised his hand and waved at his fans before smiling… Only after that did he start walking into the television company.

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