Chapter 1511

Henry Armstrong and Stanley Batton were good friends who grew up together. Henry watched Catherine Batton grow up. To him, Catherine was like his own biological sister. “No, thank you… I’m fine with just watching…” Catherine said. “Catherine… Would you like to play snooker with us?” One of the pretty rich kids waved at Catherine. “Catherine, do you want to play some drinking games with us?” “How about joining us in Truth or Dare by throwing some dice?” Two rich guys invited Catherine to join them. Each of them had an extremely polite and gentle tone. Catherine was the center of attention, and everyone wanted to get on her good side. However, Catherine wasn’t interested at all… She immediately waved her hands at them. “No, thank you. I’ll just watch Henry play mahjong here… So go ahead and enjoy yourselves. Don’t mind me…” Watching Catherine respond so casually to those rich kids made the female celebrities and female influencers even more envious of her. To keep these rich

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