Chapter 1510

The person who showed up was Catherine Batton. Indeed, she was the most adored girl in the entire Batton family. As soon as she showed up, she stunned everyone present with her worldwide, limited-edition attire from head to toe. The bright red, layered halter skirt she wore was from Dior, and it was the only piece in the entire world. The hem of the skirt only reached the area in between her thigh and kneecap. The ‘Z’ letter design of the skirt fully accentuated her long, lean, and fair legs… The body-hugging design of her upper body’s outfit showed off the curves of her body. To top it off, she wore Dior’s custom-made, high-class silver flat heels. She also had the only available copy of Hermes’ silver purse. At one glance, she outshined every other girl in the room. Without any make-up on, Catherine’s hair was pulled into a side ponytail. Amidst the air of nobility was an adorable quality to her. Although Catherine wasn’t wearing any jewelry accessories, she still shone bright

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