Chapter 1488

Zack Cassidy’s voice could be heard. Nancy Jules… When Stanley Batton heard this name, he frowned a little. This name sounded very familiar. After carefully recalling, he remembered that this was his ex-classmate in high school. Back in their third year in high school, Nancy was one of the girls who went after him in a hardcore manner. She used every crazy method she could think of to pursue Stanley… Why did this person suddenly come to Dragon Group? Stanley couldn’t think of any reason for them to meet… “What is it for?” Stanley asked. “She didn’t say,” Zack answered. “I won’t see her,” Stanley replied. With that, Stanley quickly hung up the phone. After hanging up, he once again dived back into work nervously and frantically. He completely forgot about Nancy. Downstairs, at the reception… A beautiful woman with long, ash gray hair leaned against the reception desk lazily while she re-applied lipstick on her lips. She held a limited-edition, pink, diamond Guerlain lips

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