Chapter 1487

This was major news! Also, was their president’s status at home already this low? After noticing the content on his phone, Stanley Batton immediately looked around at everyone emotionlessly. Although he realized that everyone had odd expressions on their faces, he remained calm. Right then, “Mama” sent another Wehat message over— “Your father just called me. He asked you to give Xyla massages for half an hour every day after you get home…” At this moment, the look in every high-level executive’s eyes became even weirder. Stanley silently raised his brows. After that, he slowly cut off the connection between his phone and his laptop. After that, he calmly replied to Sharon Lindt’s text. “Okay. Understood…” Meanwhile, everyone started looking wild-eyed at each other again… Would Stanley have to give Xyla Quest a massage for half an hour every day after getting home? This… This seemed to make his status in the family even lower. After closing the WeChat application, Stanley o

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