Chapter 1477

After being flabbergasted for a few minutes, Annabeth Cates immediately recollected herself. She figured that Josh Batton probably said those things because he wanted to boost her reputation in front of her ex-classmates. He didn’t mean what he said. After all, Annabeth didn’t have sufficient academic experience. She wasn’t qualified to become an artist’s manager at all… However, although she knew this very well in her heart, she still nodded and looked at Josh. “Thank you, Josh…” “Don’t mention it. You’ve acquired it through your efforts.” Josh chuckled. “Why did you come here? Didn’t you say you were going to game at home?” Annabeth looked at Josh and asked. Josh chuckled again. “After getting home, a director suddenly asked to meet me. We happened to be meeting in the next room.” “Josh… I really like you a lot. I wonder if you could have a meal with us?” Julie Huckleberry looked at Josh and asked excitedly. When Josh heard this, he instantly looked at Annabeth. “Whether I s

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