Chapter 1476

Everyone nodded… When Josh’s gaze landed on them, they felt as if they were going mad! Many of them dreamed about being looked at by their idol… A single glance was enough to leave a lasting impression in their youth. After that, everyone quickly returned their tickets to Sonia Judas. Everyone started speaking. “Sorry. Comparatively, first row seats are better…” “Yeah. The first and second-row seats are indeed better. So, Sonia, I won’t be needing your tickets anymore.” “Thank you, Sonia. You can have these back. Sorry.” When people returned the tickets to Sonia one at a time, she felt awful. At first, she thought she could use these tickets to boost her ego. However, she instead ended up embarrassing herself. Josh Batton must have done this because he overheard the things she said and observed her behavior. Sonia’s idol had seen her bad side. She wished she could find a hole and bury herself in it. Apart from feeling embarrassed, she also felt regretful. It was extremely

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