Chapter 1468

Meanwhile, Annabeth Cates stood in the crowd and looked up at him with the rest. Although many people were around, there wasn’t any disruptive noise when Josh Batton really started to sing. In the world, his voice was the only one that resounded throughout the space. “I love you like how the moth fearlessly dives into flames. “Like how fallen leaves piled up can’t be blown away by the wind. “I love you like how rivers never stop flowing. “Like how weeds in the wild can never be completely burned away.” The initially touching lyrics became even more perfect with Josh’s magnetic and powerful voice… He deeply touched countless fans… Countless cameras and phones were pointed at his face. Regardless of the angle the photos were taken, Josh would always look good. Even the worst angles would still portray him as unfailingly handsome. Meanwhile, Annabeth was also silently humming along with Josh. While singing, Annabeth kept looking at his face. She also liked this song a lot.

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