Chapter 1467

Josh Batton smiled gently as he followed bodyguards into the mall with Annabeth Cates next to him. While he did so, he raised his hand and kept waving at his fans… Wherever he looked, people were screaming crazily… Their voices were shrill. There were even female fans who felt suffocated because they couldn’t handle how good Josh looked… Josh wore a champagne-colored silk shirt and a pair of light purple pants. He also had a casual, ash-green windbreaker on the outside and a pair of white sneakers. His hair was split in a neat three-to-seven ratio, and his bangs were slightly curled with hair wax. Josh had a clean, sharp, and refreshing appearance. Although it was clearly a very difficult style to pull off, Josh was able to do it perfectly and charmingly. “D*mn… He’s so handsome…” “What kind of god is this? I can’t take it anymore, sisters. I need an ambulance…” “Josh, focus on your work. You’re not allowed to get into a relationship. Wait for me to marry you!” Everyone said

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