Chapter 1461

“Hehe, it’s all for show. He’s only doing this for his reputation. Unfortunately, things like this happen all the time in the entertainment industry.” “I still don’t feel anything for him. Hehe…” There were more positive comments than there were negative ones on Weibo… Josh Batton didn’t feel bothered by all this. After closing the topic related to him, Josh briefly looked at other hot topics. Once he was done, he showered and got into bed. He was prepared to sleep… Right then, Josh heard someone knocking on the door again… Josh slowly got out of bed and walked to the door before looking into the peephole. There wasn’t anybody outside… Josh frowned slightly before opening the door and looking out… Right then, a woman threw herself against him. A thick, unique perfume wafted into Josh’s nostrils, clouding his mind instantly… At that moment, Josh suddenly felt his entire body heating up. A strange kind of desire seemed to have developed in the deepest part of his body… Josh

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