Chapter 1460

“Someone said that she spent half her year’s savings to see you and that she would wait for you…” Annabeth Cates added. On the balcony, Josh Batton continued to sip on his red wine. He could see everything clearly… After hearing what Annabeth said, he started frowning a little. “Understood…” Right then, it suddenly started drizzling outside. Many of Josh’s fans didn’t bring umbrellas. However, they still insisted on waiting where they were… When Josh saw this, he immediately felt an ache in his heart. He immediately stood up, changed into a set of black sports outfits, and walked out the door with a black umbrella. They were waiting here solely hoping to see him once. As long as Josh satisfied their wish, they would leave. It was such a cold day. On top of that, it was also raining. Josh couldn’t bear watching his fans standing in front of the entrance until the following day. After heading out, Josh held his umbrella up and summoned a group of bodyguards. Then, he got into h

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