Chapter 1456

“What is it?” Stanley Batton looked at Xyla Quest curiously yet earnestly. “Noah Miller didn’t seem to like playing League of Legends in the past. In fact, he even once told me that playing computer games isn’t convenient… “I feel that he must have suddenly started playing this because Catherine likes it. “Also, I remember Catherine telling me that Noah would ask her to play with him whenever he was free. “Moreover, he would say he wanted to play as Support each time… Although he dislikes playing Support, he took the initiative to play as Catherine’s Support. “Would you believe it if I told you there wasn’t anything fishy with this?” Xyla continued to analyze. After listening to all this, Stanley narrowed his eyes slightly and thought deeply for a while. “Indeed, that’s the case…” Stanley said. “Hence, I feel that Noah must like Catherine a lot. Moreover, Catherine seems to be a little slow in realizing this… “But it’s fine. As long as Noah genuinely loves her, he’ll make it cl

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