Chapter 1455

“Ahh… Noah Miller, I’ve really been stunned today…” “I just happened to be passing by, and I’m a guy. But I’ve actually fallen in love with him. Ahh… I think I’m turning gay.” “I can’t handle his good looks anymore. My mother is begging me not to kill myself now…” “Hehe. I’m different. I’m in the emergency room at the hospital now. Because of Noah, I’ve fallen sick…” “He’s so handsome. I want to sleep with him. From now on, all the male protagonists in the eSports novels I read will have a face.” “I’ve checked on Noah’s background. He belongs to X Entertainment too. Xyla’s luck is honestly boundless…” After briefly browsing around, Xyla Quest tapped on the topic ‘#Why are they called Team CE?#’… Inside, Noah Miller’s fans were all guessing the meaning behind Team CE’s name… They were curious because they all knew that their idol came up with this name. Fans were guessing all sorts of things. Some said that it might be the abbreviation of the name of someone significant to Noa

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