Chapter 1435

Moreover, Xyla Quest didn’t have time to dress up properly… After lunch, Xyla casually dressed up and left the house… When Xyla saw her reddened face in the mirror, she couldn’t help but curse at Stanley Batton in her heart. Once she was done cleaning up, the culprit walked into the bathroom. There was still a cigarette smell lingering on his body. It mixed with the peppermint cologne he was using, making it smell charming. “Are you going to take part in League of Legends’ celebrity talent competition today?” Stanley asked. “Yeah…” Xyla answered softly. After that, she quickly applied the Wintersweet Haute Couture Moisturizer on her face… “What time does it start?” Stanley asked. “Two o’clock in the afternoon…” Xyla answered. “Hmm… I’ll try my best to make it…” Stanley said immediately. Xyla seemed surprised to hear this. “Didn’t you say you were going to be busy today?” She recalled that Stanley mentioned he would be swamped today. Not only did he have to take part in seve

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