Chapter 1434

On the other hand, Catherine Batton stayed up all night to play on her own. After that, when she became exhausted, she took a shower and set the alarm for two o’clock in the afternoon… She set the alarm for this particular time to make it to the League of Legends’ celebrity talent competition… Recently, she’d become addicted to League of Legends. Hence, she also became addicted to everything related to League of Legends. Even if it were the celebrity’s talent competition, she didn’t want to miss it. *** As soon as Xyla Quest opened her eyes the following day, she received a call from an employee at Goose eSports. Xyla was asked to participate in League of Legends’ ninth-anniversary celebrity talent competition. Moreover, Xyla was told that the company couldn’t find anyone else under such short notice. The young lady who called sounded very sincere. It also sounded as if she was close to tears from panicking… As soon as Xyla heard what was said, she decisively agreed to the req

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