Chapter 1381

“Honey… Don’t worry. Even if I really leave my family, I won’t need you to take care of me,” Henry Armstrong said. “I have my own independently established company… I also own shares in many large, medium, and small enterprises. Apart from that, I also have my professional gaming team… As well as countless savings… “I have accumulated all these things on my own. Back when I first started as an entrepreneur, my father only gave me 100 million… I’ve returned him 100 million on top of the interest owed to him long ago… Now, everything under my name belongs to me,” Henry continued to speak. “I don’t care about these things… As long as you lower your spending standards, I can still afford to look after you for a lifetime,” Georgie Clementine said. Henry chuckled as he ruffled Georgie’s hair. “You really are different from other girls… What kind of female goddess are you?” Georgie shrugged nonchalantly. There was a curious look in her eyes. “Only… Are you really willing to go this far f

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