Chapter 1380

Henry Armstrong chuckled before quickly stepping forward to put the roses in Georgie Clementine’s arms… The roses felt heavy in her arms. After taking a closer sniff, the fragrant scent felt even stronger. “Honey, I’m sorry…” Henry said carefully. “You didn’t do anything wrong. So why are you apologizing to me?” Georgie said blandly. “I’m apologizing to you on behalf of my mother…” Henry added. “Although I don’t know what exactly she said, it must have been awful… “This is what actually happened today. Didn’t my parents return from overseas just a couple of days ago? I called them up this morning… “I was thinking of telling them about bringing you home to meet them. I asked them to decide on the time. In the end, my mother rejected me without saying anything else… “Her attitude was pretty bad. I have already guessed back then that she might contact you afterward to play the horrible scene out. “But I didn’t think it’d happen so soon… That’s why I thought of waiting until I fi

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