Chapter 1304

“Comparing oneself to others does make one mad. Xyla is the luckiest woman alive. She really is!” After briefly going through the comments, Xyla Quest tapped on the hot topic of how Josh Batton, Morty Wayne, and Jay Corben bowed to their fans. Above each article were footages published by each of their major fans of how they each bowed deeply to their fans. There were screams and shouts in each video… In all three articles, each of their fans had descended into complete chaos, seemingly touched. “It’s really worth it being Josh Batton’s fan. He really loves us… Humph… I regret not being there.” “Jay Corben looks very cool and wild. But, in reality, he has a gentle heart. Hmm…” “Morty Wayne has an even gentler heart than how he appears… I can’t take it anymore… Love is a two-sided arrow…” When Xyla saw those fans’ comments, she could deeply sense how excited and touched they were. After reading for a while, Xyla couldn’t help but smile gently. Her smile could light up an entir

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