Chapter 1303

For the sake of seeing their idol just once, they’d even have to travel a thousand or ten thousand miles. Although the journey was long and tiresome, they were still willing to do it. These girls’ love toward their idols was something ordinary people couldn’t possibly imagine. It was very dark in the car. The light from street lamps outside lit up their faces now and then. Despite the interchanging dimness and brightness on their faces, their facial features were still striking. “These fans really don’t have it easy…” Xyla Quest sighed. “Yeah,” Stanley Batton replied softly. After that, he glanced at a large group of fans that appeared briefly outside the window. “Are you tired?” Soon, Stanley shifted his gaze to Xyla. Suddenly, his expression had changed from cold to gentle… After saying that, Stanley reached out and naturally ruffled Xyla’s hair. Xyla shook her head. “No… What about you?” “Hmm, I’m not tired… You can rest for a while. I’ll wake you up when we get home,” S

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