Chapter 1297

Everyone’s eyes were on them. Despite the many shiny stars in the hall, the two still shone the brightest. As soon as they arrived, everyone became part of the backdrop. Seeing how in love the two of them were, everybody was jealous and envious… The female celebrities, especially, wished they could replace Xyla Quest when they saw the big boss next to her. Who was Stanley Batton? He was the most powerful big boss, someone inferior only to one but superior to the rest… A man like him was every woman’s dream. Despite the burning gazes from people around them, Xyla and Stanley only had eyes for each other. Stanley, especially, maintained a cold expression from the beginning. There seemed to be a cold barrier around his body. Although he was amidst the crowd, he stood out from everyone else… He was like an unreachable flower in the wild. However, even if he appeared this way, it still didn’t stop women from admiring him. “D*mn… I can’t breathe… He’s handsome…” “Our president

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