Chapter 1296

“That’s right. Stanley Batton is handsome. I overheard our CEO chatting with the other high-level executives. She said that Stanley would be coming today too.” “Huh? Really? Is that god-like man going to be here too? Ahh… I’m about to go crazy!” *** Outside the hotel, security was very tight. Several hundred police officers were dutifully patrolling outside. Meanwhile, several hundred bodyguards dressed in black kept a tight watch on the front and back entrances of the hotel… Not even a single fly could get in. A black Bugatti Veyron came to a halt with six black Porsche Cayenne security cars in parking spaces in front of the hotel’s entrance. Sixteen bodyguards got out of their cars first. Once they got out, they walked to both sides of the Bugatti Veyron in an organized manner before respectfully opening the car doors on both sides. Right after that, Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton got out of the car on each side, respectively. The two of them were also dressed up today. Xy

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