Chapter 1277

“Did you see how tame Stanley Batton was in front of Xyla Quest? He’s an absolutely wonderful person!” “Why do I feel that Stanley might be afraid of his wife? Oh my god! He’s so rich. Is that even necessary?” “Be a little more confident. Just get rid of the words ‘might be’… Mr. Batton is indeed afraid of his wife!” “Ahh! Xyla looks so beautiful in person! Also, why is she so lucky? I’m so jealous, girls!” After Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton walked out the door, they headed to a street in the distance… Hence, they didn’t hear any of the things the sales assistants in the store were discussing. Tonight, the sky was filled with stars. Although it was already late in the evening, there were still cars moving on both sides of the road… Atlantis was a lively city that never went to sleep. By then, the nightlife in the city had only just begun. Just like that, Xyla naturally interlaced her fingers with Stanley and walked forward. After buying the new heels that she liked, she was

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