Chapter 1276

Who would’ve thought that things might have turned out this way? Xyla Quest was able to handle Stanley Batton very easily. The couple’s routine sweetness instantly made all the single people feel jealous. They were all envious of Xyla! Which woman in Atlantis wouldn’t be envious of her when they saw this happening? Soon, the pretty sales assistant with short hair returned to Xyla with the pair of silver high heels she asked for. After that, the sales assistant kneeled on one knee and put the shoebox on the ground. She then began to change the heels for Xyla. Xyla accepted the heels and put them on herself. After that, she stood up and walked up to the dressing mirror. The spotless mirror reflected her perfect appearance right then. Xyla wore a white, pure cotton halter dress with a white, satin, short-sleeved jacket and a pair of shiny silver high heels. The high heels had a sharp tip, and the lines were designed perfectly. Xyla’s legs were naturally thin. With the contrast

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