Chapter 1261

At that moment, Xyla Quest suddenly felt a warmth in her heart. Not only did the man she loved offered her the best in the world, but he could even see through her pretense at one glance. “To be honest, I was perturbed too… But I didn’t want to express it in front of you, and I didn’t dare to tell you too much either…” Stanley Batton added. At that moment, Xyla’s heart felt even warmer. Xyla could relate to everything he said, and she had already guessed it… He only behaved this way because he didn’t want to make her feel more nervous. He wanted to make her feel that the situation wasn’t as bad as it seemed. “Honey, can I ask you a question?” Xyla asked. “Go ahead…” Stanley said. “What if the miracle doctor, Yaksha, told us that my condition was severe, and I might die in a short period? What would you do?” Xyla asked. When Stanley heard this, his heart suddenly convoluted painfully. He frowned deeply. “Don’t say nonsense like that. This hypothesis doesn’t exist…” He serious

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