Chapter 1260

Stanley Batton found out about a lot of stuff that he never knew today… “Yes…” Stanley’s eyes were void of emotions. His voice still sounded as good as ever. “I think we might be able to start cultivating together soon. Would we then be able to live forever? “I think Yaksha meant that we’d eventually be able to start cultivating… The time just hasn’t come yet,” Xyla said carefully. In reality, she wasn’t very interested in this matter. That was because she found no point in living forever if Stanley couldn’t do so too… When the time came for Stanley to leave, what awaited her would be an endless period of loneliness and longing. However, now that Xyla knew about Stanley also having an empty spiritual root, and he could also cultivate, she had changed her mind. Xyla suddenly thought that it wouldn’t be too bad if she could cultivate with Stanley… If that happened, they’d be able to stay together all their lives. Most importantly, they’d have immortality and never grow old after

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