Chapter 1252

“Do you think it might be related to your X-ray vision?” Stanley Batton asked. Stanley’s words immediately shocked Xyla Quest… Xyla suddenly started suspecting that it might just be the case. Her symptoms only started after she acquired the X-ray vision. Was this a coincidence? It didn’t seem that way… The X-ray vision was very mystical, and it couldn’t be explained by science at all. Meanwhile, Xyla’s illness was also the same. It didn’t seem impossible for the two to be related. Otherwise, why would Xyla be like this? “Now that you mention, I do think it’s possible…” Xyla said. Back then, Xyla was also exposed to information about X-ray vision in television dramas and novels. In those works of fiction, people who had X-ray vision would use a lot of energy to utilize it. Once they used up the energy, problems would begin to arise in the protagonists’ bodies. Although Xyla knew that it was all made up, she didn’t think she necessarily needed to dismiss it completely… Ho

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