Chapter 1251

Soon, Xyla Quest started silently praying for herself. She prayed that she would be healthy and well. She also prayed that she could stay next to Stanley Batton for a longer time… Soon, the dizziness swept over her once more. Xyla subconsciously opened her eyes… However, as soon as she opened her eyes, the dizziness faded away. Her illness was really strange. Since the dizziness faded away so quickly, Xyla decided not to bring it up. Since they couldn’t discover anything at the hospital, she had no reason to tell Stanley. What was wrong with her? Xyla really wanted to know. How long had it been since she last felt dizzy and nauseous? This was already the third time she felt this way… “What’s the matter?” Sensing that Xyla was lost in thought for a moment, Stanley turned off the hairdryer and asked. “Nothing…” Xyla shook her head. By then, Xyla’s hair was already dry. Her black, curly hair naturally fell by her waist. Under the light, she seemed to be aglow. Her face with

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