Chapter 1248

“I hope Xyla’s ailment is a minor one…” Ron Batton murmured to himself in a comforting tone. Although Ron knew that he couldn’t possibly have failed to detect a minor ailment, he still had a ray of hope in his heart. Stanley Batton didn’t say anything. Instead, he sat down on his seat once again. Soon, Ron also sat down shakily. The examination on Xyla Quest’s head took a total of two hours. Throughout the two hours, all the medical professionals, including Stephen Harries, who led the team, were frantic. During that period, Xyla silently checked her pulse several times, but she couldn’t discover any issue. In the end, the efforts of Stephen and the rest all turned out futile. Left without a choice, they extracted Xyla’s blood and checked other parts of Xyla’s body. However, they still couldn’t identify any problem. Compared to their frantic demeanor, Xyla appeared much more relaxed. Most of the time, she sat on her emergency patient bed. Even if she wanted to move, a few me

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