Chapter 1247

Not long after the respirator was inserted into Xyla Quest’s nose, she slowly opened her eyes. The bright light above her head hurt her eyes. As soon as she opened her eyes, she subconsciously closed them. Everyone who was feeling nervous instantly sighed in relief when they saw this. The vice director, Stephen Harris, looked at Xyla. “How do you feel? Mr. Batton said that you suddenly fainted, and you even started sweating all over… Dr. Batton couldn’t figure out the cause of your ailment at all. Tell me, how did you feel before you fainted?” Stephen asked. “Also, how are you feeling right now?” Stephen added with a concerned look in his eyes. Stephen’s words instantly reminded Xyla about what happened before she passed out. At the time, she didn’t feel anything unusual. Xyla immediately looked at Stephen and told him the truth. “I didn’t feel anything unusual. Suddenly, everything turned dark, and I fainted right away…” No matter how hard Xyla tried to recall, she couldn’t th

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