Chapter 1230

Helen simply continued to cross her arms in front of her chest while admiring her design. She was looking for good things about her design. From her perspective, everyone was just over-reacting. ‘What’s wrong with these people? Haven’t they seen a good design before?’ Helen couldn’t help but think. How could a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth like Xyla Quest know anything about jewelry design? What good design could she possibly draw? If she knew about designing and could draw something decent, someone as famous as her would have long started her jewelry brand and entered the jewelry design industry, wouldn’t she? These people were simply exaggerating it. “D*mn… She’s excellent… I’m dumbfounded.” “I’ve just embarrassed myself. Why does Ms. Quest know everything? She managed to draw something good.” “That’s right… I’m feeling dizzy. This is significantly better than Helen’s design. She’s a hidden talent!” Everyone standing around to observe the commotion began discus

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