Chapter 1229

After that, Xyla Quest looked down and prepared to draw. Although she wanted to keep a low profile at first, she suddenly wanted to teach Helen a lesson. However, Xyla didn’t say a single word. Instead, she chuckled nonchalantly. Soon, people began whispering amongst themselves in the crowd— “I’ve never heard about Xyla being involved in the field of jewelry design… It feels like she’s an amateur. Why would she risk embarrassing herself in front of Helen?” “Does this mean she thinks she can draw better than Helen? How is that possible?” “If I were her, I wouldn’t dare to draw these things in front of Helen. Helen is a god-like designer who has been designing jewelry for a few decades.” “To design necklaces with the snake element in a unique way, this style must naturally be used. Could Xyla be able to design something special?” Xyla heard everything that the people said. Although these were annoying to hear, she didn’t care… When Sharon Lindt heard these things, she instantly

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