Chapter 1225

It hurt Mary Sullivan’s ego even more. Despite how Linda Jerome was Mary’s enemy, Mary’s father was teaching her a lesson in front of her enemy. Mary felt thoroughly humiliated, and she was also outraged. However, she could only keep her mouth shut. She didn’t dare to speak a word. “You b*stard! Didn’t I warn you not to cause any trouble, especially not Xyla Quest… Hmm? “Now, not only did you mess with Xyla, but you even messed with Linda. Have you gone mad?” Tony Sullivan started yelling coldly again. Julian Sullivan, who had remained silent all the while, couldn’t help but speak up. “Dad… I think Mary already knows that she’s wrong. Please forgive her.” Tom also started speaking. “Yeah… Dad, please forgive her.” After the two Sullivan brothers finished speaking, they looked at each other before shaking their heads helplessly. Mary didn’t only give Tony a headache, but they also gave the two of them headaches too. When Mary heard this, she instantly looked at Julian and Tom

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