Chapter 1224

After sucking in a breath of cold air, Mary Sullivan quickly hung up the phone. Nervously, she turned on the car engine. After that, she grabbed the steering wheel with her trembling hands. She then stepped on the gas pedal and drove quickly away from the clinic in her black Porsche Cayenne. At this moment, Mary’s heart was already up to her throat… She knew that she was going to be in deep trouble. Mary wanted to run and hide, but she knew she couldn’t. She could avoid the trouble for a while, but she couldn’t avoid it forever. If she tried to hide, her father would undoubtedly be even more furious. When he eventually found her, he’d make her suffer even more. Mary knew her father very well. His rage wouldn’t subside just because she hid away for some time. Approximately half an hour later, Mary made it back to the Sullivan family’s house. The bruises on her face and body looked even worse than before. Her entire body looked even more like a pig now. In fact, she looked l

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