Chapter 1217

In the video, the entire interview was reenacted. In fact, even the scene of Stanley Batton appearing halfway through the interview and giving Xyla Quest flowers was included. After watching a short part of the video, Xyla tapped on the comment section below with up to three million comments. By then, the comment section was filled with comments. “Ahh… Stanley Batton is really good to Xyla Quest… Their romance is filled with grand events.” “Stanley looked so charming when he walked up to Xyla with flowers in his hands…” “From the moment Stanley walked through the door, he did not look at anyone else. His eyes were on Xyla the entire time. It’s so romantic!” “As a fan who ships Xyla and Stanley as a couple, I just want to say that I’m jealous!” “Ahh… It’s tough to imagine that a guy like Stanley would do house chores!” “Xyla is very pretty… I’d download any random picture of her and save it as my wallpaper for the rest of the year!” “Sisters, I’m going mad… I really can’t imag

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