Chapter 1216

With Xyla Quest’s warm and soft body in his arms, Stanley Batton instantly felt his heart racing. “Honey…” He whispered softly near her ear. Xyla casually hugged him tightly. “Hmm…” She replied softly. Her voice sounded lazy and a little raspy. It made his heart beat wildly again… In the next second, Stanley flipped around and naturally pressed his body onto hers. The intimate touch instantly gave Xyla an idea. In the next second, she quickly opened her eyes and looked at Stanley’s face. The moment their eyes met, Xyla instantly felt wide awake. Her heart was beating out of tempo. “What… What are you doing?” Xyla asked. “Hmm…” Stanley said. “I’m asking you. What are you doing?” she asked. “Hmm… Doing it…” He said. Xyla’s face suddenly turned very red. It felt as if her heart would soon burst out of her chest. “Stanley Batton! Let go of me… I want to rest tonight…” Xyla exclaimed. “No…” Stanley said. “Stanley, I’m going to be angry…” Xyla said. Now, she only wanted to s

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