Chapter 118

The hatred she had for Xyla had once again reached a breaking point. However, she continued to feign indifference as she looked at the host enthusiastically. Even if she was sliced open and bleeding, she had to maintain her composure. Especially at an occasion like this where many people might be waiting for her to slip up, Emily Quest could never lose! Next, the host said a few more nice words. After that, the newlyweds exchanged rings. The ceremony was complete. It was time for the kiss. A gorgeous silver rain fell on the wide aisle. It was stunningly captivating and beautifully romantic. Everyone focused their gaze on this. Tom only kissed Emily out of courtesy. When Emily was about to lean further in, he had let her go. Emily, who was not done with the kiss, felt unsatisfied. When she was being detained, god knew how bad she had to suppress herself. She always had an addiction to something like this, and she needed it every day. Now that she was trying to

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