Chapter 117

Of course, Xyla could tell just how dirty the woman’s thoughts were under that pretentious shell of hers. She had been a full-fledged idiot back then to have donated her kidney to a person like this. Just then, the famous host of Altantis TV, Nelson Cole, got onto the runway and gave an extravagant opening remark. Immediately after, the wedding march song was played. Nelson quickly took a few steps back, leaving the center stage empty. Under everyone’s gaze, Tom Sullivan walked out onto the stage from behind wearing a white tuxedo. A second later, with Jeremy who was dressed in a suit at her arm, Emily went up to the stage. In an instant, the other lights were turned off, leaving only the aisle illuminated like a gorgeous fantasy. The LED screens placed on many different angles displayed every gaze and gesture of the newlyweds. While the lights were still dim, May lowered her head and quickly ran over to sit beside Xyla. After shooting a glare at Xyla, she cheerfull

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