Chapter 1185

When the time came, never mind Cody Lester himself, even his entire family would have to disappear from Atlantis! Seeing how the person he hated the most kneeling in front of him, Adam Shaw found it both ironic and relieving. However, Adam didn’t want to plead for this person. Cody was arrogant and domineering, and he had disregarded the rule of law altogether. Even if anything terrible happened to him, it was his own undoing. The way Cody went mad earlier kept replaying in his mind. Every scene made him grit his teeth in hatred. The huge difference in attitude from before and after also made Adam understand something. In this world that favored the strong over the weak, one could only avoid being bullied if one was strong enough. Adam secretly swore in his heart that he would become strong one day! He would trample over everyone who ever bullied him! Seeing Cody like that, Xyla didn’t feel any emotions in her heart… She glanced blandly at the bodyguards around her and gave t

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