Chapter 1184

“Why did you stop! Keep going!” Cody Lester looked at his subordinates, who were stunned still, and gave the order coldly. His eyes were filled with nothing but coldness. After saying that, Cody walked up to Xyla Quest and smiled. “Ms. Quest… I was just teaching this disobedient slave a lesson. You shouldn’t… Ahh…” Before he could finish his sentence, Xyla lifted her hand and forcefully slapped him across the face. Suddenly, everyone was stunned. Although intense pain spread around his face, and Cody was furious, he didn’t show it at all. Regardless of how mad he felt, he didn’t express anything. Instead, he gently rubbed his face and tried to appease Xyla. “Ms. Quest, why are you doing this…? Ahh…” Before he could finish speaking, Xyla lifted her leg and kicked him, flunging him a few feet away. Cody felt even more dumbfounded. Pain spread through his body. Although he wanted to get up quickly, he couldn’t. Hence, he stayed lying on the ground helplessly as he looked at Xyla

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