Chapter 1096

This bronze mirror didn’t seem special from the outside. Its workmanship was very rough. Although the outside was fully covered with a light green patina, the patina didn’t look like it had accumulated over time. It seemed more like it was artificially made. At one glance, Xyla Quest could tell that it was a product of a recent pipeline. Her instincts told her something must have been squeezed in between the two layers of bronze mirror. Meanwhile, its rough and unattractive surface was precisely made to protect the object inside. Xyla guessed that a certain antique collector in recent times probably made this seemingly terrible bronze mirror to protect the object from being stolen by placing it in between the two layers. Afterward, the bronze mirror might have been misplaced and ended up here for some particular reason. As Xyla thought of this, she instantly walked closer to the bronze mirror. She leaned over with her hands on her knees and carefully examined the bronze mirror.

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