Chapter 1095

If Xyla Quest wanted to make big money, then she had to run a bigger business… For example, setting up her jade mine, harvesting jade from it, and doing the same with a gold mine… Xyla believed that, with her eyes’ ability, discovering a large-scale jade mine and gold mine was not a problem at all. Apart from that, she could also establish an antique company to acquire and sell antique items. As long as she had her ability, identifying genuine treasures would be a piece of cake. Meanwhile, grabbing good deals from antique auctions or rock gambling could only be done as a hobby. If Xyla wanted to earn even more, she needed to engage in bigger deals. After making a lot of money, she could continually expand the various businesses she owned. She could even expand the scale of her family business. When Stanley Batton walked through the door with a bowl of scallion oil noodles, he coincidentally saw Xyla searching about the procedures required to set up a gold mine. “What’s the ma

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