Chapter 1092

“That’s right… To be honest, Alex has dominated the top lane for a very long time. Perhaps, it’s time for a new king to be born in League of Legends’ top lane…” Ben said. The live stream channel was filled with negativity… Looking at it gave Xyla Quest a headache. Hence, she turned it off again… Suddenly, the screen was a lot more comfortable to look at. Although the entire game was uncomfortable to watch, Xyla managed to discover the source of the problem. Alex seemed to be playing poorly because of an issue with his mentality. On several occasions, when five of his opponents went after him, he should have escaped, but he didn’t… Xyla felt that she needed to have a chat with him. Meanwhile, after the competition ended, Alex and the others walked into a lounge with their heads lowered in disappointment. The members of Team XS collectively shut everyone out. Among them, Alex did the worst… The teenager’s eyes no longer had the lively glimmer they once did. Now, he sat on the

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