Chapter 1091

In the live stream channel, there were constant notifications of Xyla Quest sending super rockets to each team member. Soon, the live stream channel was filled with even more messages. “What? Is this person ultra-rich? She’s giving gifts as if they don’t cost anything…” “Yeah… It’s ridiculous.” “Xyla Quest… Look at me. I like you a lot…” Xyla had already gotten used to seeing messages like these. Hence, she wasn’t affected too much on the inside. Instead, she silently closed the live stream channel and paid serious attention to the competition. The first game went well in the early stage. In the middle of the game, Alex allowed his opponents to kill him a few times at the top lane. A normal game had directly been ruined… Xyla subconsciously opened the live stream channel to take a look… Just as she expected, it was filled with only criticism— “What on earth… Is this the best top lane in the world? To me, it looks like he’s the top lane that feeds the most, alright?” “Honest

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