Chapter 1081

Stanley Batton looked at the crowd seriously. “Let’s continue…” *** At eleven o’clock, the meeting officially ended. Stanley grabbed his phone and went straight to his office… After he left, everyone sighed in relief at the same time— “Whew… As soon as Xyla left, he stopped being gentle. If it’s possible, I wish Xyla would stay here forever.” “Exactly. Whenever Xyla’s here, he’s completely gentle. I still like him better as that kind of CEO.” “‘In that case, I’ll carry you to my lounge so you can sleep, alright?’ Whenever I think of what our CEO said earlier, I still feel tingles in my body. Please carry me!” “In your dreams. Do you think the CEO is someone you can randomly fantasize about?” Everyone discussed heatedly in the conference room. However, Stanley couldn’t hear any of their voices. Soon, he arrived in front of the door to his office’s lounge. After stopping in his tracks, he carefully turned the door handle and gently pushed the door open… To avoid disturbing Xy

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