Chapter 1080

What came into view was Weibo news about Xyla Quest herself. “Shocking! Xyla identified a painting within a painting at an auction!” Xyla didn’t expect this to get on the news. She immediately tapped on it to check it out… The official Weibo news account published the news article. “Shocking!” Xyla is a hidden boss!” Below the short text was a Weibo post by a netizen named Windy Sheila. The whole process of Xyla identifying the painting in the painting was clearly depicted in the post. From the way the post was written, the person who published the Weibo post seemed to admire Xyla greatly. Xyla immediately held her forehead helplessly, and she then looked at the comment section… The number of comments in the comment section had already exceeded a million even though the Weibo post was only published less than ten minutes ago. “Xyla… She’s really a big boss. She could tell that there was a painting in that painting at one glance! D*mn! Ahhh…” “What else can I say but that I

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