Chapter 1050

The thing that came into sight was green jadeite of excellent color. Based on its color, it was an imperial green of the purest glassy type. The most important thing was that it was full of jade! This was what the experts meant when they said a jade rock was full of jade! Xyla Quest didn’t expect such an inconspicuous piece of rock to have this surprise hidden within. Glassy imperial green jade was extremely rare, and it was worth a fortune. This piece of material was worth at least 1.5 to 1.6 billion. “At one glance, I can tell this piece of material isn’t good…” “Yeah… The color of the external horsetail pine is too light.” “Whoever bids for it is a fool… This material has a rough shell. It looks terrible.” Everyone in the crowd began talking amongst themselves, but nobody raised their card to bid for the jade rock. Xyla looked around calmly at the crowd. After that, she raised the numbered card next to her. “Fifty-one million…” She said. Everyone around Xyla, including S

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