Chapter 1049

After making the appointment with Sharon Lindt, Xyla Quest slowly and carefully took out the white, pear-shaped porcelain bottle that Yaksha had given her from her pocket. She then carefully placed it on the coffee table. “Just as we agreed before… Once we’re sure it’s 100% safe, you’ll start eating this. I’ll start experimenting with it on mice tomorrow,” Xyla said. “Alright. I’ll do as you say,” Stanley said. *** Simultaneously, on the other side of the uninhabited island where Yaksha lived, there was complete silence… By the shore where large waves crashed upon it, the scarred bald man had his head hung low like a criminal. He was facing a tall, large man wearing a black Tai Chi outfit and a golden mask. “Sorry… I didn’t manage to complete the mission you gave me…” “Such a useless piece of trash!” The man uttered coldly. “I thought Xyla would definitely die this time. Who knew she’d be able to subdue me first… The others ended up being too afraid to open fire…” The scarred ba

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