Chapter 1034

Following Sebastian Brenand’s footsteps, Rachel Wood made her way into the house. The house was of typical European style. It had a grand, courtly style with gold and jade embellishment. There was also her favorite type of tasseled crystal chandelier that dangled from the ceiling. On top of that, there were also her favorite European-style furniture and her favorite rose-scented fragrance in the air. Everything was prepared exactly the way she liked. “I like everything here…” Rachel said. Sebastian instantly reached out with his and naturally pulled her into his arms. “Yeah… I had it decorated to your liking.” “I like it a lot…” Rachel said. “Hmm, as long as you like it…” With that, Sebastian reluctantly released her. He then walked to the coffee table before opening a drawer under it. He retrieved a kraft paper bag and handed it over to Rachel directly. “These are for you…” He said. The bag was heavy. Rachel looked at Sebastian with a bewildered look on her face. After that,

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