Chapter 1033

Sebastian Brenand’s smile gradually widened. “It’s true… Dr. Batton’s traditional medicine, coupled with conventional chemotherapy, really does work effectively.” “Does that mean I have a chance at survival?” Rachel Wood asked. “As long as you persist, you really might be able to…” Sebastian said. “Alright.” “For me, you must be a good girl and receive the treatment, okay?” Sebastian asked. “Alright.” Now, Sebastian’s words had filled Rachel with confidence. She believed that, as long as she tried hard enough, she would be able to survive. *** As Rachel was doing better, Xyla Quest brought Ron Batton back to Atlantis. At the same time, Sebastian also dismissed the specialists he had found, leaving only three of the top-notch ones behind. In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. After a comprehensive examination, the doctors were certain that her cancer cells had been thoroughly removed. Rachel was discharged from the hospital right away. On the same day, Sebastian brough

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